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november 23rd AT 11am cet

#BHHSeries - How to implement hybrid healthcare to make medicine easier and more usable for older citizens

Don’t miss the next episode of the #BHHSeries on November 23rd at 11:00 hrs CET, organized together with BHH member Telemedi, about “How to implement hybrid healthcare to make medicine easier and more usable for older citizens“! 

Healthcare has changed considerably in recent years. There are different approaches, channels and technologies involved in the medical practice, however the main principle must remain the same: giving patients the medical health solution they really need, especially to the elderly.

The most important social problem is to relieve the public health service and guarantee as many in-patient visits as possible for those cases that require them. This requirement will be determined both by the specific disease, as the intensity with which a person goes through it. Weli by Nationale Nederlanden, Cuideo and Telemedi stand firmly behind the “hybrid health” model, which means creating opportunities to choose your treatment route – home care or on online consultation.

They join their forces to enhance the accessibility of elderly to the highest level of healthcare. In this webinar, they will share their approach on how to implement a hybrid model to break down barriers in modern healthcare and make it accessible and affordable for all eldery people.

Join these experts on November 23rd at 11am CET:

The webinar will be moderated by Marja Huiskamp, Chief Communication Officer at Barcelona Health Hub. We are going to talk more about how to implement hybrid healthcare to make medicine easier and more usable for older citizens. Discover everything you would like to know about Telemedi‘s approach to bring back the most important aspect of a medical service: the humane factor.

Don’t miss it and tune in on November 23rd!

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